PUBERTY question!?

Answer yeah, puberty is funny like that... be patient - you'll have a body that makes sense in the end

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Girls only-puberty question?

Gross why didn't I listen to your warning. ah!

Question about height/puberty?

Its more than likely that you will grow more. As puberty does not end until the age of 19 you have 5 years left of growing time. Since most of your family are tall that also proves high probability... Read More »

Puberty question, girls help :)?

Hello,Here are the stages of puberty for a girl. I think this will help to answer a few of your questions.Stage IPuberty in girls begins at the age of 8 or 9, signs of which are experienced interna... Read More »

Is it just puberty ?

Yeah it's puberty. Put on some deodorant every morning. As for the hands thing; I'm not really sure; I'm a teen as well and just last year my palms just were always's weird. I guess som... Read More »