PT Cruiser Radiator Removal?

Answer Chrysler's PT Cruiser uses a one-row, plastic finned radiator designed to prevent premature corrosion. Older radiators used metal fins, through which the radiator fluid passed through and was coole... Read More »

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How to Remove a Radiator From a PT Cruiser?

Occasionally, you will need to replace the radiator of your Chrysler PT Cruiser due to the radiator malfunctioning or just wearing out, preventing the engine from cooling properly. Removing the rad... Read More »

How to Replace a Radiator on a PT Cruiser?

The Chrysler PT Cruiser uses a pressurized radiator cooling system that is fitted with a transmission fluid cooler. The twin-core radiator can become corroded or damaged, requiring replacement. An ... Read More »

How do I Drain the Radiator on a 2003 PT Cruiser?

Draining the radiator in your 2003 PT Cruiser may be done for a couple of reasons. A common one is to change the coolant. Another reason is to remove the radiator for replacement. The radiator's pr... Read More »

How to Install a Radiator in a 2006 PT Cruiser?

The radiator in the 2006 PT Cruiser has an aluminum core and plastic tanks. The core measures 18 1/8 inches by 20 11/16 inches by 1 1/4 inches and the inlets and outlets are 1 1/4 inches. This part... Read More »