PT Cruiser Diagnostic Procedures?

Answer First put on the market in 1994, Chrysler designed the PT Cruiser as a retro-styled vehicle cross between a mini-van and an SUV. The vehicle became a hit for Chrysler so they continued to manufactu... Read More »

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PT Cruiser Power Steering System Bleeding Procedures?

Every time you need to replace a component or part in the power steering mechanism like the pump, hose or piston, you need to bleed the system. This procedure is necessary to push the air into the ... Read More »

DIY Alternator Diagnostic?

The alternator is the part of the electrical system in your car that keeps the battery charged for operation. When a car has difficulty starting, it stalls or other electrical features in it begin ... Read More »

I need recovery & diagnostic help?

With any injury you have to stay off it if you have any hopes of it healing by itself. Of course you always hear of college athletes getting immediately surgery, but that's because they get their s... Read More »

What is diagnostic radiation?

Diagnostic radiation, or diagnostic radiology, is the use of various radiological techniques to diagnose illnesses and injuries. Examples of diagnostic radiation tests include x-rays, mammograms an... Read More »