PT Cruiser Courtesy Light Removal?

Answer The Chrysler PT Cruiser's courtesy light requires a 579 bulb. Once you know how to access the bulb, you can replace it in minutes.

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PT Cruiser Radiator Removal?

Chrysler's PT Cruiser uses a one-row, plastic finned radiator designed to prevent premature corrosion. Older radiators used metal fins, through which the radiator fluid passed through and was coole... Read More »

PT Cruiser Intake Removal?

The intake tubing in a PT Cruiser connects the throttle body to the air filter, and is responsible for routing the air through to the engine. Removing the intake tubing and replacing it with a perf... Read More »

PT Cruiser Shift Knob Removal?

Changing a PT Cruiser's shift knob to an aftermarket one is a popular upgrade to this retro-styled Chrysler. Removing and replacing the shift knob on PT Cruisers is an easy task, although the shift... Read More »

Lower Watts Link Removal on a PT Cruiser?

The PT Cruiser is a retro-style car based on a minivan platform manufactured by Chrysler. To help stabilize the rear end and provide better handling, the PT uses a Watts linkage on the rear suspens... Read More »