PSAT Calculator Uses?

Answer As a Preliminary SAT, or PSAT taker, it is totally up to you whether you wish to use a calculator or not. While it is a good policy to have one in case you need it, the makers of the exam did not d... Read More »

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Who do i reset my calculator CASIO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR fx-83ES Natural Display PLEASE HELPP!!!?

You are in Scientific Mode, change it to regular mode. Use the mode key to change mode.Try also this sequence, or check your user manualshift clr 2 mode =

How Can I Prepare for the PSAT?

The PSAT measures student reasoning skills and requires long-term preparation. Students prepare for the PSAT and the SAT their entire school career, steadily learning logic skills that the tests re... Read More »

How to Take the PSAT?

The PSAT, or Preliminary SAT as it's commonly called, is a very important test. According to Myers Park High School, the PSAT is essentially a practice test for the SAT, but it's also a comprehensi... Read More »

PSAT Secrets?

The Preliminary SAT, or PSAT, is a test that serves as practice for the SAT, a key tool colleges use for determining who receives admission. Taking this test is important, as it identifies areas th... Read More »