PS3 screen resolution problems?

Answer Hello, welcome to Japan.>>yellow, white and red leadsI guess that your UK PS3 just outputs (analog) PAL signals through the leads, not (analog) NTSC signals suitable for Japanese TV sets.I am not s... Read More »

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Screen Resolution Problems?

It is because the monitor can run a much higher resolution and refresh rate then the TV can. You have to make sure that both of them are running the same refresh rate which should be 60hz. As for t... Read More »

Emerson Flat Screen TV: Error Message "resolution mismatch change devices resolution" How do I fix this?

Whatever is feeding the TV (cable, dvd, bluray, etc.) needs to be set at the same resolution as the TV. Your TV is maybe 720p and it's being fed 1080p. Change this in the settings of device feeding... Read More »

What does matching your screen resolution to the resolution of a video file do?

If you leave your display resolution at it's highest allowed setting and play your video in a window, you'll most likely be viewing the video with optimal performance.If your video resolution is la... Read More »

Is 1080i screen resolution better than 1080p resolution?

No, 1080p resolution is better than 1080i resolution. This also holds true with 480i and 480p resolution.