PROMISE 10 POINTS-Can someone please explain to me what happened to my shoulder?

Answer Hi,Sorry about your shoulder. The same thing kind of happened to me. I somehow hurt my shoulder and noticed that it felt like my left shoulder was slipping down lower into place than my right espec... Read More »

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10 points for best answer i promise?

Alright man I'm gonna tell you right now that if you havent ran all summer, you're most likely gonna get screwed over...that's the bad news. The good news is that I have found ways to get through m... Read More »

TWO QUESTIONS, best answer gets 10 points :] i promise!?

You stop growing after having your period for two years... Or so the doctors say...And pudding is great! What's wrong with a snack?

Something strange just happened, can someone please explain?

Cant really give you an explanation but some times its meant for you to have a certain something. And weirdly something in the universe draws you near it. Like you knew you throw it away and it cam... Read More »

In which episode did it explain what happened to her mom in Hannah Montana?

the third episode witch said,dad said,sweetie to miley your mom died remember?miley said yea dad im so sad so please dont talk about it.miley cries and runs to her room.