PROMISE 10 POINTS-Can someone please explain to me what happened to my shoulder?

Answer Hi,Sorry about your shoulder. The same thing kind of happened to me. I somehow hurt my shoulder and noticed that it felt like my left shoulder was slipping down lower into place than my right espec... Read More »

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Something strange just happened, can someone please explain?

Cant really give you an explanation but some times its meant for you to have a certain something. And weirdly something in the universe draws you near it. Like you knew you throw it away and it cam... Read More »

Can someone please explain what the ATM tax stuff is all about?

The AMT is intended to make sure that people in higher tax brackets pay taxes. The number of people paying the AMT has been increasing every year because the minimum amount to make to have to pay ... Read More »

Can someone explain to me what HDMI is in English please?

High Definition Mutlimedia Interface. It has become the industry standard for transporting a perfect copy of your audio and video signal between devices such as TVs and surround receivers. HDMI use... Read More »

Can someone please explain to me what is "water weight"?

water weight is the "weight of water" in your body simple as that! its nothing to worry about. like if you drink water, it will increase your weight, but once you go " #1 " it'll be lost. of cours... Read More »