PRANK Phone Calls?

Answer why not change your phone.. or ask your phone company to block that number

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I keep getting Prank Phone calls?

Since they are your friends, you wouldn't want them to get in trouble.Do you have a Caller ID? It keeps track on who called you, it tells you their name and phone number. It's a handy little thing :)

Is any one els getting tired of prank phone calls?

u can call the cops n they can track the phone

Good prank phone calls?

call up someone and tell them you are from the local radio station. tell them they have won ..... something.... really cool. or tell them you are doing a survey and ask them a series of really st... Read More »

Ideas for prank phone calls?

haha~ sounds like fun!here's a few suggestions for ur victim:*tell them their pizza is ready*tell them when they want their appointment w/ george w. bush or arnold schwarzeneggar.*if you know ur vi... Read More »