POLL,What stuffing do you use for your roasting bird,?

Answer Right Jigg, I can see you are ready for a mind blowing recipe.I never stuff a chicken with anything other than an Onion, to keep it moist, But---- here is the best thing to do with a chicken, force... Read More »

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What does a roasting pan look like?

A roasting pan may be rectangular or oval, with tall sides (at least 3 inches) to allow a rack to sit inside the pan. Some have tall lids. Manufacturers offer a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 to... Read More »

What's the best vegetable for roasting and why?

If it has a high sugar content and is firm and won't disintegrate, it's almost certain to roast well. The sugar caramelises and adds a bite. This works especially well with things which are otherwi... Read More »

Can Corningware be used for roasting?

Made of ceramic, Corningware products are safe to use for roasting foods in either convection or conventional ovens. The cookware is also safe to use in microwave ovens and is dishwasher-safe.Sourc... Read More »

What is a roasting pan substitute?

A roasting pan is primarily used for cooking large pieces of meat, but if one is not available, a broiling pan can be substituted. The broiling pan needs to have a removable rack. Another substitut... Read More »