POLL..What is your favorite smell Mine is coffee, jasmine and rosemary.?

Answer Smoked Bacon Cooking!!

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What is your favorite/least favorite aspect of your local coffee shop?

I hate this one coffee shop that has great food and coffee but little tables and uncomfortable chairs. It also has poor lighting, bad acoustics (no sound proofing) and a dinky bathroom.I want a cof... Read More »

Does your favorite Gem♥ sparkle and shine Mine does♥?

What's your favorite flavored Coffee For Tea drinkers what's your favorite kind of Tea?

Lipton's Sweet Iced Tea for me, thank you. I like to put vanilla flavoring in my coffee if I am going to drink it, or just sugar and cream.Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthda... Read More »

Whats your favorite smell?

Playdoh/Lillies/vanilla/home baked bread/new leather/new cars/baby powder.