POLL: When did last drink a bottle of rum ?

Answer Wow! you Remembered we drank Rum? and Babycham Mixer Mmm, Yummy, but l stopped drinking about 5 years ago.Lol.

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Why do grocery stores advertise a 2 liter bottle of soft drink but then a 16.9 ounce bottle of soft drink?

Dearest John, what have you been smoking?No grocery store advertises a 2 liter (67 ounces) and then sells you a 16.9 ounce bottle. It just doesn't happen.The plastic bottle are all standardized fo... Read More »

POLL: When did you last go to the Gym ?

Ages ago but today just started back using my Treadmill and forgot how good it feels, the natural high you get after. Had my music blasting out & made me motivated.......did 30 mins & tomorrow hop... Read More »

POLL: When did you last get a tattoo ?

I ve never gotten one before. I been thinking about it for my 40th. B daycoming up. What do you think ? xx xx Sugar bug

POLL: When did you last buy yourself a new sports bag ?

I didn't have to buy one I won it in a raffle about a month ago.