POLL: Whats better, cake or PiE?

Answer MMMM i love this question cuz now i get to think about cake AND pie! ok to answer, it all depends on what kind of cake and pie we are talking about. Apple pie with a plop of vanilla ice cream is SO... Read More »

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Poll~ Whats inside your purse?

POLL:Whats you favorite soda?

I actually have many favorites.CokeA&W RootbeerBarqs RootbeerIBC RootbeerCherry CokeGrape FantaDr. Pepper

Poll: whats your favorite soda?

Poll : Whats the last movie you watched?

The last movie I watched - Tamil movie:Vaaranam AayiramThat movie is a heartmelting story about a warm relationship between father and son.I loved that movie very much.Oh,you don't watch Tamil movi... Read More »