POLL: What do you drink the most, Coco,coffee ,tea or milkshakes ?

Answer Mostly coffee! Good night, Phil. : )

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Poll<I> Do you drink more tea than coffee?

I could be considered a tea-aholic.....I drank tea in my baby bottle when I was about one because milk didn't agree with my tummy. Yesteryear didn't have all the special formulas etc. So tea especi... Read More »

POLL: When did last drink a bottle of rum ?

Wow! you Remembered we drank Rum? and Babycham Mixer Mmm, Yummy, but l stopped drinking about 5 years ago.Lol.

Poll: Any food or drink that you've never tried before?

Hallo! :DI never tried Monster Energy before.wonder how it taste for food,never many food out there.and believe me or not,i never eat baked beans^^

Gin lovers poll: How do you like to drink your gin?

My favorite gin cocktail:Aviation:2 measures gin (i prefer plymouth or hendricks)1 measure fresh squeezed lemon juice (don't use any roses crap)1 measure marischino liqueur (bitter liqueur made fro... Read More »