POLL: What color will it be?

Answer I say light green. I would have said dark, but I factored in the gallon of semen that you didn't mention.

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Poll : What is the best color for a rose?

It depends for what purposes are you going to use it for example:Red rose represents love and romanceDeep pink rose represents thank youRegular pink => happinessLight pink => sympathyWhite rose =>... Read More »

Poll; What are your favorite eye color?

I like brown or hazel, but really, Bob Dylan, you know it's not the color that matters, but the intensity when someone's eye's look into yours.

Poll: What color nail polish are you wearing?

Im wearing this crazy hot pink color (Trust me its not tacky..) Its called TechnoGirlSephora By OPII usually wear bright colors like orange, pink, sparkly gold.Those kinds of colors (:

Poll: What is the color of your gorgeous eyes?

These are my eyes. they are brown. :c