POLL: Skittles or Jolly Ranchers, Which do you prefer?

Answer jolly ranchers seems easier and tastier

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Do you like skittles or jolly ranchers?

Skittles for sure...Taste the rainbows :)Mmmm... :P

Which candy taste the best:laffy taffy,jolly ranchers,or now and laters?

Who created Jolly Ranchers?

According to the New York Times, Bill and Dorothy Harmsen created Jolly Rancher candies. They originally sold ice cream, but began making candies to supplement sales. They sold the Jolly Rancher Ca... Read More »

How to melt jolly ranchers?

Won't work. Sure, you can melt the candies, but as soon as you pour the resulting syrup into the vodka, it will solidify again. You would have to add water to the melted candies to make a simple sy... Read More »