POLL: How many of you vegans/vegetarians support Peta?

Answer not me

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Why do people sitll support PETA even though its a known fact that they kill animals?

You mean euthanize animals? What are they supposed to do , literally take home the thousands of animals that end up in their possession? They are for the ETHICAL treatment of animals they are not a... Read More »

Why are so many veggies & vegans against peta?

I'm divided about PETA. I appreciate their efforts at bringing awareness of a real problem to the masses. They certainly did that for me. I am very moved by visual materials generally (fine art... Read More »

How many vegan and vegetarians dislike PETA?

They are a great example of what is wrong with the world. Their extremest tactics and "undercover expos" are a joke. I get sick and tired of the BS they spew. They are hate mongers and all hate mon... Read More »

Poll: how many piercings do you have ?

help???: Know what I find "grouse"? Your horrible English skills. Pick up a dictionary once in a while, little girl.JAS: Yeah, and you're a gift to women, right? Pfffhahahahaa.I have fourteen. ... Read More »