POLL: How good can you cook ?

Answer I've been told I'm a very good cook and I have many dishes that are tried and true that I've made over and over for my family and friends.. I'm self taught and am one of those who often "put a litt... Read More »

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POLL: What did you last cook for dinner ?

Fish:- Cod with broccoli topping, new potato's and carrots, are you Home for Tea Babe?

POLL: Who would you like to have cook dinner for you?

This is going to sound pathetic, but I often watch chef James Martin's cooking shows late at night. You may not know him, but he's a gorgeous Yorkshireman who is passionate about food. If he could ... Read More »

Poll<I> What do you think is your best dish, that you cook?

...Boiled Water... Not kidding. Last time I cooked I almost ended up on the news for mass-killing...From that moment on, my best recipe book is The Yellow Pages.

Poll: Is The Exorcist a good film?

Although the film is not made by Wes Craven, it is an excellent film. The overall script adaptation of the novel was phenomenal and all performances were very deep and realistic. The film is also q... Read More »