POLL: How do you securley mount a 48" LCD tv over a fireplace?

Answer This is the funniest question I've seen in a long time.Mostly because I work with someone whose husband did just what you are asking.

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How do I mount an LCD TV over a fireplace?

TemperatureTape a thermometer to the wall where you intend to place the TV, then start a fire in the fireplace; the thermometer shouldn't rise above 90 degrees at any time while the fire burns. If ... Read More »

Can you mount a LCD or Plasma TV over a woodburning fireplace ?

The answer is "yes", but a) it'll be a pain unless you're working with somebody experienced and b) it's largely dependent on how far you want to take the process. The problem is most retail instal... Read More »

Is it safe to hang a flat screen tv over a fireplace. will the heat from the fireplace effect the tv?

POLL: What MOVIE can you WATCH over and OVER and OVER?

One Movie, FRIDAY (Also Rush Hour 1 & 2).