POLL: Do you have green-fingers when growing plants ?

Answer I like to think so Phil, as I get a lot of enjoyment out of the garden.

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POLL: Can you name 10 plants growing in your garden ?

I have many things in my gardens but this is some of what I have: roses, yarrow, geraniums, spearmint, Basil, chives, tomatoes, goldenrod, bleeding heart, Oregano, lavender, purple Iris, and a lot... Read More »

My elephant ear plants are not growing good and some of them have yellow leaves. i got the plants at walmart?

they should be fine just plant them in partial shade/sun and water a little more than usual and the plants will become green again

Why does my jewelry turn my fingers green?

According to the Gem Fashion website, there are a variety of reasons for jewelry turning the fingers of a person green, including the type of metal used in the production of the jewelry and the bio... Read More »

Why Does Jewelry Turn Fingers Green?

Jewelry can turn your skin green, but it often has nothing to do with the type of jewelry or how expensive the piece is. The green color may be the result of a high acidity level in your skin. Silv... Read More »