POLL: Do you have TV Cable or Dish?

Answer Direct TV all the way no one else compares to them

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Poll<I> Do you have, Cable, Dish or another service to watch, t.v?

Same as you too. And trying to get through to Customer Services with all that button pressing on the phone is a nightmare.

I'm thinking about switching from cable to Dish Network. If you have Dish Network, please tell me if it's good?

if you like watching the same thing over and over, plus the price and taxes will eat you alive, i act foolish and signed a two year contract, that was a big mistake, now i'm stuck with something we... Read More »

I am are getting direct TV and there is already a direct tv dish that is for your apartment all the wiring is still down at the outside cable box will they have to put up another dish?

Does your TV have to be hooked up to cable or dish network to hook up a Wii?

You can go to our website at to view our programming packages and prices. It will also give you information about our equipment. It depends on the plan you get along with the numbe... Read More »