POLL: About pre school teahcers?

Answer Some of the best preschool teachers I've ever met have been men, but unfortunately they tend to shy away from the area and understandably so.If you want to see some ex-preschool teachers who happen... Read More »

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POLL: 10 things you hate about school?

10) Boy-Crazy Friends (the one who says she hates boys and doesn't want to see one ever again, yet she still dates9) Friends who want to be cool. (The one who doesn't give a damn about school and l... Read More »

What do you think about the use of mobile phones in school, either for or against. I am compiling a poll.?

Use in school - against!Allowed at school - for!So you can have it on to way to and from in case of emergencies!

BEAUTY POLL: What's one thing you dislike about yourself and three things that you do like about yourself?

Dislike: My wide jawsLikes: My dark eyes, my curly black hair, and my curves.

Poll: Tropic Thunder or Old School?

I'll second that my good man! It was my favorite movie of 2008, followed closely by The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2.