PM Shines Directions?

Answer PM Shine is the name of Paul Mitchell's newest line of ammonia-free, moisturizing hair color. When combined with Clear Shine, PM Shine produces an even-toned, lustrous and vibrant hair color on eve... Read More »

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How to Mix PM Shines?

The demi-permanent, ammonia-free PM Shines is a line of 32 professional hair colors designed by manufacturer Paul Mitchell for use at high-end salons. Paul Mitchell states that this line of hair dy... Read More »

PM Shines Instructions?

Paul Mitchell's PM Shines is a line of demi-permanent hair colors used by professional stylists. These dyes -- formulated without ammonia and other harsh hair-dye chemicals -- are purported to repl... Read More »

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How to Apply Paul Mitchell Hair Color Shines?

When you want to give drab lifeless hair color and depth or replenish the moisture in damaged hair, apply Paul Mitchell Hair Color Shines. With 32 colors to choose from, 11 tonal shades and a clear... Read More »