PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP!!! 10 POINTS>!>!>!>!!?

Answer DON'T LISTEN TO ANYONE! YES, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD VIDEOS OF YOUTUBE, I DO IT ALL THE TIME!ATubeCatcher is great software that will download whatever Youtube Videos you desire! Simply open up ATubeCatch... Read More »

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PLEASE HELP!!!!!! HELP HELP!! First to help me gets 10 points!!!!?

Why didn't you just buy a card reader ... (less than $10) and copy your images with it? No muss no fuss.If your computers "auto-play" feature is turned off, nothing will happen until you use the ... Read More »

Metal prong in tv input Please help ! Awarding points for help ! ?

Unless you can grasp the metal plug pin with pliers (very small needle pliers, that is),you'll probably need to consult a repair shop to have the thing removed.Of course, you'll also need a replace... Read More »

Please help with drivers eud!! 10 points to the person that can help?

It's all there in your student study guide. I suggest you actually read it... You might even learn something!

Pretty please help me out here girls, i neef your help!- 10 points to best?

Aw, you look pretty! I'm thinking that you should take a little from the length's of your side hairs and make it a little short. Hold on, Imma go get a pic that's only just for you! :-)Maybe, this ... Read More »