PLEAse ReAd VeRy UrGeNt!?

Answer its not going to be painless but honestly its a sting for a second and thats it. just make sure you have had a sugary drink or summn before hand because your blood sugar could dip especially if you... Read More »

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How do i raise money fast (urgent! please read!)?

ckm1956, my girlfriend doesn't lack brains, the guy she's trying to help lives in Africa.Anyway, Elvira I'll do my best to send you any cash I can find as I want to help and you know that I'm alway... Read More »

Chances of heart attack male please read URGENT?

I have both a heart condition (AV Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia) and anxiety. So I get it! However, at your age the likelihood of you laying down enough plaque in your arteries for a heart attack i... Read More »

Very Urgent : Is it not possible to bite my nails anymore like i did in my past [ please read further ]?

No do not try and remove the damaged nail. The body will take care of it and the process may take a while. Your nail biting habit is very bad as you know, and the ramifications can range from sever... Read More »

SuperHub Virgin Media problem. Turned internet off on Modem Mode. Please read details! URGENT?

Perhaps you disabled the wireless, connect with a cable and try again