PLEASEE HELP MEE.. sooo embaressing! : ( ?

Answer Ok- first off- you NEED to go to a doctor. Have a family memeber take you. What is going on can not be fixed by anyone writing to you here. I wish it could. Don't be embarrised. Tell your mother th... Read More »

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I'm Always Sweating Under My Armpit's and It's Really Embaressing Help ):?

have you tried the clinical strength deodorants? i heard they really work.

AV technician help! Pleasee.?

You want to look at getting a two year Associates Degree in EET and then specialize in home theater. That would give you the most flexibility.

Facebook Problem. Pleasee help.?

I know that there is a Iphone app in the app store. Although your data plan has to have internet. Hope this helps.

Help pleasee!!!.....about computerss..!?

CCleaner is 100% free, it deletes your cookies and history, no spammy emails or popups, just download and use it:…Click on the Cleaner Tab on the left and ... Read More »