PLEASE tell me WHAT IS GOING ON ....?

Answer Some people just have no lives.SAD!I am glad that there are some people that still give good answers like you do.

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I am going to tell the biggest lie every, please tell me its ok?

Hi Laura,Where are your parents? Why haven't you left this low lifes and got as far away from them as possible? Go and stay with family. Contact the police and warn them what this crazy woman is sa... Read More »

Persians:Can some body PLEASE tell me what the hell is going on here!!!!!!?

khahare man ina hame natijeye yeki boodane dino siasate.ta iran secular nashe vazemoon hamine.

Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm can someone please tell me wat is going on before i pass out with agony?

I am going to buy a graphic card for my pc and that one is Nvidia GeForce 520GT please tell me will it suit me?

A 275W power supply is fine for the GeForce GT 520 (which is a low power consumption card often used in slimline computers with 225 watt power supplies). The GT 520 only draws 31 watts maximum.How... Read More »