PLEASE help me with this problem?

Answer My first computer was a Toshiba laptop that could play DVDs and CDs but not burn them. (I also didn't have it connected to the internet.) My parents bought me an external burner (drive/ rewritable)... Read More »

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Please help with this problem!?

Im in dental school to start off, and unless the gingiva(gum) is swollen and discolored, no you shouldnt worry about it, this could simply be genetics from the birth parents. but if you are still w... Read More »

Help with this problem please!?

Account Dept: (/26) - 34/62 usedAll other Dept: (/25) - 120/126 usedWireless Use: (/27) - 23/30 usedI dunno about the rest, if I was given an address... Read More »

Ladies can you please help me with this embarrassing problem?

Dear sweet Wil L♥ I see you are at it again♥ You do have yourself a problem....have you ever been able to have a erection when sober? I really don't think are just blamin... Read More »

May anyone please help me with this annoying problem?