PLEASE help me with my injured finger!?

Answer I think you need to get it checked out ASAP. Just b/c you can typr it doesn't mean it's not dislocated, fractured or broken. I suggest a Doctor right away. Hope you feel better soon.

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What is wrong with my finger Please help!?

looks like a blister.put a plaster/band aide over it now that you have burst it.if you don't know what caused it see a doctor.

My injured knee please help!?

Injured Ankle Important Please Help!?

If the x-ray didn't catch anything, then it's probably not a fracture and just a sprain. X-ray's look at the bones, and everything else disappears, so no matter how bad the swelling or how much stu... Read More »

Cut the tip of my finger off please help!!!!!?

If its deep, take a raw egg, crack it open, dump the egg out and there will be this white filmy stuff in the egg, peel it off put it over your cut so it seels it and then go to the hospital.If its ... Read More »