PLEASE help! What will a dentist do at my check up (read description)?

Answer Yes he will be able to tell by the condition of hour teeth. No way around it.

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What is the job description of a general dentist?

A dentist prevents, diagnoses and treats health problems inside the mouth. She also provides advice to her patients, such as brushing, flossing and using fluorides.DutiesAccording to Collegeboard.c... Read More »

UK: Is it the dentist or the surgery, that gets the £15 for my 10 min check up?

they are self employed and if they don't own the practice eg an associate they pay the practice owner 50% then the tax man 40% of what they have left so not much then..... if your dentist is only c... Read More »

Help why would my dentist tell me to stick my tongue and check it while I had it out?

It's an oral cancer screening. The most common place for squamous cell carcinoma to show up is on the side/bottom of the tongue in the back

How to Check Whether Your Horse or Donkey Needs to See a Dentist?

Horses and donkeys living on farms and in barns don't get the same opportunities to wear down their constantly growing teeth on coarse vegetation as they would in their natural environment. By prov... Read More »