PLEASE HELP! my heart literally hurts very badly?

Answer Maybe its heartburn try a tums. Ask your parents if you can get some Tums if you don't have any.

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Can someone help me After Gym hurts badly?

no pain, no gain, it always hurts the first time ;) no being serious the first few times it will hurt but you just have to push through it and make sure you stretch before and after working out

I have a hole in the side of my tooth and it hurts badly. Help me?

I totally understand your fear of the dentist, I dislike it as well. But at this point, I think the best to do is to try and fix the tooth. It is painful but definitely times better than pulling th... Read More »

Do you have to wear a sling if your elbow hurts badly when you extended it?

Yes u should because it hepls keep you arm supported and it will heel faster

My throat hurts really badly! Is their a drink that can solve my problem?

Hot tea with a few drops of honey :)My secret recipe! haha