PLEASE HELP! best concealer for stretch marks?

Answer I don't really know about concealers, but get Strivectin-D! it is great for removing stretch marks

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Stretch marks! help please?

Cocoa butter can help fresh purple or red stretch marks because restores moisture and cell communication. Old white stretch marks are now scars and only thing that can remove them is exfoliation so... Read More »

How to hide stretch marks please help!!!?

When you loose weight skin deflates like balloon and you get those same overstretched stripes you see on balloon. They are dead so no cream can bring that skin alive, last option is to exfoliate wi... Read More »

Teen Stretch Marks! Help please!?

I know exactly how you feel, i experienced the same, i still have them but if you get coco butter and use it a lot it might help with the color and they will blend with your own skin tone, sadly th... Read More »

STRETCH MARKS, Please would you help me?

I will start off with a few cheap, easy solutions. Try using a skin brush while you are showering will increase circulation which will help the skin to heal and help reduce stretch marks. There are... Read More »