PLEASE HELP!! ankle and foot problems ?

Answer Hey Millie, I can DEFINITELY tell you that you are still having all of these problems right now because your ankle was not treated PROPERLY when you first injured it a few months ago! You said that... Read More »

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I need help with my ankle foot what ever my ankle is like outward and leaning. Every time i wear sneakers my s?

134lbs and 5'0". This can cause it every time. Either this or you're the spawn of Yosemite Sam and are bow-legged as ****.

Types of Orthotic Bracing for Foot & Ankle Problems?

An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), or foot-drop brace, is used to control, or limit movement at the ankle joint in children and adults with muscle weakness. A common reason for an AFO use in adults is ... Read More »

I twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?

The only way to know if it's broken is going to be an X-Ray done by a doctor.In the meantime, if it's a sprain, for the first 24-48 hours keep ice on it to prevent swelling and take Ibuprofen (an a... Read More »

Help! ankle problems!!?

Hello,The other day I asked the same question. My ankle been killing me from basketball games and practice. But it did not hurt enough to go to doctor or get an ex ray. Well my ankle finally got be... Read More »