PLEASE HELP!! On macbook is it safe to take out battery?

Answer Very long shot you could cause hard drive file system corruption. That's the worst that could happen, and I would bet you won't have any problem. There is no drive activity, so it isn't risky at al... Read More »

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PLEASE HELP! :(( Spilled water on my MacBook!!!!!!!?

Advise you to contact the father who prototyped the robot…They will assist the procedure on drying up soaked micro components.Try not to switch on the macb... Read More »

Please help!!! Macbook is automatically rejecting sims 3 disc?

Sometimes the Mac can't read certain disks. I've had a Mac that wouldn't read a CD but another right next to it would. Sometimes it depends on the Mac. Usually, if you insert the disk a few times i... Read More »

Please help me find a battery?

First, these units are past their production life, so you can find them for not much money. The units a go for $20 bucks plus shipping. It may seem ridiculous to by a whole new unit, but... Read More »

Dermatologically Safe - Please Help!?

'dermatologically safe' means it safe touch and won't effect your skin or what-not. You would have to look at the packaging to see if it contains ammonia or not.