PLEASE HELP ME...I have a major madical question?

Answer OK, I don't understand why you can't go to the Doctor, but you need to see a medical specialist STRAIGHT AWAY!Some of the symptoms you describe are associated with anaemia, also infection, but you ... Read More »

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Major house party question!?

Be all friendly and fun with people. make friends get drunk all that good stuff. have fun!

I had 3 major tramau's in 40 days time my question is.....?

I keep telling you dude,your going to kill yourself out there...deck hands or no deck hands,your still to banged up for it,even 2 days ago when you beat down that yuppie sczball in to a pulp, it co... Read More »

A question for birthers: do you think there is a major disconnect between Amothers and Nmothers is because?

I've re-read your question a couple of times, and I think I've got an answer that is different than what others have said so far.My response to each of my children's births was different (physicall... Read More »

Can we transfer my madical from la county to riverside county?

Are you trying to say' medical'? If so, then post this in Health rather than Dining Out.