PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sad in this body of mine:( HELP!?

Answer I hope you succeed. But you have to eat healthy to do this. Stop eating sugars, or foods with sugar. Drink plenty of water, especially when you are exercising.Decrease the amount of carbohydrate... Read More »

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Body fat % without tape measure Can anyone estimate mine based on pics?

i'd definitely say less than 20%. your legs look really muscular and your belly is flat! (i'd soo kill for your legs haha but i'm working on them!) anyway it's not a lot so i think 18% was probably... Read More »

How to Mine Red Dust in "Mine Craft"?

"Minecraft" is a computer game that combines elements of survival, action and customization. Players can actively reshape and add to their environment by mining through mountainsides and building h... Read More »

How to mine gravel on Mine craft?

How to get rid of a vehicle that isn't mine?

Call a towing company, have them tow away the car. Tell them that this car was parked here and nobody came to claim it.Or if your friend agrees for you to get rid of the van, call up a metal scrapp... Read More »