PLEASE HELP! How to use the timer for Sony DSC-W7 camera?

Answer I know it's a little late... but for future reference:On the back of your camera there's the dial with the four arrows. The bottom arrow has a circle with a slash in it - that's the symbol for time... Read More »

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How do you download pictures from a Sony digital camera with just the usb data cable and not the software using Compaq Presario V2000 Unsure what the op system is Unable to install Sony camera drivers?

Normally, even without the driver, your computer should recognise the camera as an external storage drive and assign it a drive letter, just like a hard disk or CD drive.If you are usng windows XP,... Read More »

What is the self timer on a camera?

the self timer times by its self so if you turn it on and walk away it takes a little bit of time until it takes a pic by its self.

Best Digital Camera for first timer?

Canon A5507.1 megapixelsAA batteries4X optical zoomtakes great pictures automatically...$184 or less.. SD cardgo to and check out some of the sample photos.. I'm sure you'll lik... Read More »

How do you set the timer on A4000 camera canon?

You go on GOOGLE and type that in and you get the user manual and read it.…Page 57