PLEASE HELP! How do you add a library to a Visual Studios 2010 C++ project?

Answer Different people will do it in different ways.You need to put the .h file somewhere that the C++ compiler will find it. You could, for instance, add it to the project in the same directory as your ... Read More »

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Please Help Itunes Library deleted!!!!!?

Asked and answered sooo many times but here we go againIf just the library got deleted then the songs are still on her computer. Just readd the folders to the library. Usually it is under the C d... Read More »

Visual Basic programing : For-Next loop question, please help?

The following code works for VB 2010, if you want the squares of all odd numbers in string of numbers.Just don;t exceed the maximum integer number.Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(se... Read More »

Need help please with radio trivia & artist of the day for March 8, 2010?

Please can anyone help with the "HowStuffWorks" code for station 106.1 & US99 for March 12, 2010?

good morning3/12/10kykx-105.7=Longview TxSunny-106.5-Tyler TxHot​ Jobs=(gai)​ Gaining New SkillsAOL​ Trivia​= (mar) ​​Margraitaville​Dice= (wel)Welcome to DiceAre​​​ you​​â€... Read More »