PLEASE HELP! Choosing Facebook profile picture!?

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How to Update a Profile Picture to a Facebook Profile From an iPhone?

Social networking sites like Facebook allow you to update your friends and family about your latest adventures --- even when you're on the go. Mobile Facebook applications, like the one available f... Read More »

How to do i set a picture to my profile picture on facebook...WITHOUT having to crop it into a smaller iamge?

you HAVE TO crop it into a square - there is no way around it

Is your profile picture (on facebook) the most "attractive" picture of you, or is it...?

I usually have a silly face or am doing something random. That represents who I am. I like to have fun and be the funny one. But I don't have those weird "myspace" poses. So cliche, and, your right... Read More »

Profile Picture Restrictions on Facebook?

Your profile picture appears to anyone who sees your profile, even when most of your other content is hidden. A thumbnail of your profile picture also appears alongside any comment you leave on the... Read More »