PLEASE HELP! Brother is sick!?

Answer Okay, before you allow some of the previous answers to frighten you, you should know that sometimes rapidly rising temperatures cause the body to shiver. It's a physiological reaction to the rising... Read More »

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Please help me...concerned about a precious 9 year old little girl who is sick...please read and answer.......?

Oh my I am so very sorry. My daughter had a medical problem when she was 4 and was not eating or drinking. The doctors said if she didn't start they were going to put her in the hospital with IV"... Read More »

I'm sick please help!!!?

Ask your parents advice on this:Allergies and a cold/sinus have very similar symptoms.Either ways, you could "At Your Own Risk" try some of these natural remedies: **Read the information on the lin... Read More »

Sick!!!!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!?

Drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest before your performance. Sudafed, the long acting 12 hour kind, will relieve stuffiness and congestion. Depending on the time of your performance, take... Read More »

I feel so sick,PLEASE HELP?

You poor thing. Yes, stress is real. Yikes. I feel for you. This worked for me in my college years. I had to write down my whole day. When it was all down on paper for me it was easier to acc... Read More »