PLEASE HELP! Brother is sick!?

Answer Okay, before you allow some of the previous answers to frighten you, you should know that sometimes rapidly rising temperatures cause the body to shiver. It's a physiological reaction to the rising... Read More »

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How do you chere your big brother up when he is sick?

How do get a sick annoying brother to do their homework?

How do you console a fantastic friend who's brother is extremely sick with cancer?

Charli, I wish I was there to sit under blankets on the couch with you, where we’ll watch weepy movies together, make obscene gestures at the hottest actors, and draw mustaches on the people in y... Read More »

What if your mother quit claimed her house to her self your brother and his wife under threats that your brother would leave your mom and not help her anymorebut your brother died and your sister in l?

If your great grandmother was his great aunt you and he are second cousins, once removed.