PLEASE AWNSER ASAP! do i have a brain eating amoeba?

Answer Water getting up your nose shouldn't really be a problem. I have no idea why taking a shower would matter in this at all. Go see a doctor immediately if you think there is something wrong.

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Girls Onlyy ..please awnser?

cake the foundation on then hairspray it or use hair gel over it. also try cellotaping ur face over the foundation.

Foot care Please awnser?

"First you pour your favorite shower gel onto the nail & cleansing brush and meticulously clean your nail and feet to the fullest extent. The bristles feel so good over both the top and the bottom ... Read More »

Could I have a brain tumor Help please!?

Not likely, but do try to eat better and if you're still worried, see your doctor.

My site is not being indexed inspite i have allowed robots.txt file to index my site please help me asap?'s not exactly easy to get front page search results for your website. if it's being indexed and says so in webmaster's being indexed. you can't just expect your site to be #... Read More »