PLEASE ANSWER! QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Well, I know that ovaries are about protection, security, and one with all.Maybe you feel insecure or in danger these days! Do what you can to feel more safe !Pain is ALWAYS a dysfunction of the soul.

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Is it necessary (Quick Answer)?

The way a wireless lavalier works...The mic element connects using a thin wire to a battery powered body-pack. The body pack transmits the wireless audio signal to the base station. Some base stati... Read More »

Quick question... answer please?

10 points for best answer, quick!! what is the best?

Something containing tea tree oil. Drinking sage tea helps control sweating.

What vision might i have answer quick plz!?

Since 20/20 means you can see clearly at 20 feet and beyond. 20/40 usually means you can see half the distance or 10 feet away and 20/80 would mean you can see 5 feet away. But this is innacurate s... Read More »