PLEASE ANSWER! QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Well, I know that ovaries are about protection, security, and one with all.Maybe you feel insecure or in danger these days! Do what you can to feel more safe !Pain is ALWAYS a dysfunction of the soul.

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Quick question... answer please?

3 way pick up switch answer quick please!?

I'm not quite sure from the picture exactly what happened, but you can generally solder most things back on, though I'm not sure what broke. Frankly if you're already opening up your guitar to put... Read More »

How to relieve soreness quick Please answer I got like 2 hours left?

Do you have a heating pad? Try it. Ice? Try it. And believe me, using the sore things, even small exercises with it, helps the soreness go away while you're using it. Good luck! ~Linzy

Does quick trim work Please don't answer if you haven't tried it.?

I only tried the 2 week free sample of Quick Trim that was being given out. I lost about five pounds during that time.I would probably recommend Quick Trim to someone who is trying to lose weight. ... Read More »