PDF in Google Chrome Won't (ever) open?

Answer Try going to adobe's website and reinstall reader. The plug in probably wasn't installed for chrome.…

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Google Chrome stopped working & wont let me open it!?

try restarting. If not contact google for help.

Why wont google chrome show red?

better you use firefox. it works fine without any issue.

Why wont my google chrome connect to internet ERROR 102?

We've found that malware is frequently the culprit on your computer that's preventing Google Chrome from connecting to a web server. Cookies are files created by websites you've visited to store br... Read More »

Google chrome experts, help! why wont this page remove itself from my browsers history?

To delete your search history from Chrome, keep in mind that the steps might not be as obvious as they are with other browsers due to Chrome's streamlined design. However, once you find the Tools m... Read More »