PCI slots don't seem to be working?

Answer YOu know what? i take a computer repair class. its a hands on training class. i know what a pci slot is. i seen that before. because in my class, we practice and practice to open up the computer an... Read More »

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You seem so thirsty why dont you have a chocolate drink?

डरपोकभीरूकायरतु एक बार वापस आ ...

HDTV has VGA slots, but doesn't have Red & White slots (Audio)?

Almost all current HDTVs with VGA in have an audio input right next to it, but it's easy to miss because it's not a pair of red/white RCA jacks but a small, black 1/8 inch headphone jack, like the ... Read More »

I seem to feel ill after drinking strong cordial/dilutant, but i dont like it any other way?

Cordials and squashes are intended to be drunk diluted, you seem to like sugar in your diet which suggests you're not eating well? Sugar-laden drinks have been shown to lead to diabetes in later li... Read More »

Hello i keep havin flutters in my chest like vibrating but when i feel my pulse it dont seem to be the?

k most likely it's anxiety but when you feel you feel your pulse on your wrist or neck or leg you are feeling you ventricular pulse (the left ventricle is the chamber of the heart that sends blood ... Read More »