PCB Design Projects?

Answer Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are what usually come to mind when people think of electronic circuits. Although commercial products all use PCBs, they are comparatively rare in do-it-yourself projec... Read More »

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Residential Design Projects?

Residential design projects are not just for new homeowners or homeowners planning a total renovation of their existing homes. You may want to undertake a residential design project to renovate jus... Read More »

Design Projects for Primary Grades?

Art education for children in primary school often teaches an appreciation of art in its various forms. However, fairly early on, art education should begin to look beyond the merely esoteric to ad... Read More »

Art Projects for Two Dimensional Design Classes?

Some art classes focus on the elements of design in either two dimensions or three dimensions. Two-dimensional design requires students to use length and width in their designs, without using depth... Read More »

Research & Methods for Design Projects?

Design projects enable students to flex their creative muscles. However, every design project comes with a heavy research component as well. Research methods for design projects usually involve cas... Read More »