PC wont detect GPU wtf?

Answer i got the same motherboard once, same CPU, just another graphics card.if you start your PC with the GPU inside, do you see the bios uefi screen?if so, you plugged it in well, is you dont, you have ... Read More »

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Why wont my laptop detect my battery?

Most likely the battery is not inserted correctly open her up carefully and only where the battery is and reinsert it sometimes you put it bach in but not all the connectors make contact causing n... Read More »

My laptop wont detect HDMI Signal?

Hello, Most computers can connect to an external display for mirrored and extended desktops. While high-definition television sets cannot match the resolution that many dedicated computer monitors ... Read More »

My computer used to make a clicking noise and now it wont detect my HARD DRIVE!?

I'm a level 2 tech. Whenever we hear the "clicking" noise at work, we know that a hard drive is dying. If you think about it, the only thing that could be clicking in a computer would have to be ... Read More »

Malwarebytes wont detect " anti virus soft" virus, how do i get rid of it?

dear, have you updated the Malware Database? if you have not, then updating it asap will fix your issues i believe.If you have but are not being able to get rid of the issue, i suggest Bit Defender... Read More »