PC won't boot up any advice?

Answer you need to reinstall windows to get it it and use windows 7 32 bit x86 for p4 processor..try to avoid xp it crashes on sudden shut down..Thanks dear

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Compaq laptop help! wont boot past windows boot manager?

download and run seagate seatoolsrun a quick surface scan only do not run any other tests as this software can erase the disk completely

My computer wont boot up :(?

Run a memory test on the ram if it's fault then that will tell you if one of them work and it stop working it's some how got damaged when you put it into the slot. Take the old ram to the shop and ... Read More »

One ear wont stretch up,advice?

You're stretching too quickly, that's why one ear is resisting. Damaged tissue stretches easier than healthy tissue, if you've been stretching to quickly this whole time that would explain why your... Read More »

My hp compaq6005 pro wont boot past the hp invent screen, help!?

Try reinstalling windows if the problem stil (which it shud not) unplug ur hardrive n carefuly fix the plugs tight n check the other parts like RAM is properly insertd , The procesor fan is not loo... Read More »