PC to TV Devices?

Answer If you want to be able to watch movies, videos or photos stored on your personal computer (PC) on your TV, then you are going to need a device that allows you to connect the two devices. While many... Read More »

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Dell latitude x300 running vista wont recognise usb storage devices, flash devices.?

The first thing I would try would be to check the Driver Manager in the Control Panel > System to make sure that the USB ports are showing up - they can break.The second thing that I would try woul... Read More »

If a remote control says up to (x amount) av devices will it also work on hdmi devices?

I was confused by your question but now I understand. AV means Audio Visual. A TV with a HDMI connection is an AV device. So is your AV Receiver, cable/sat box, game system etc.Just because a bo... Read More »

Can i have more devices on my mac?

On the iOS device...Settings > Photos & Camera > Shared Photo Streams > OnOn the Mac...iPhoto > Preferences > Photo Stream > Shared Photo Streams > OniPhoto > Preferences > Sharing > Look for share... Read More »

Why do some devices at my school have different IPs?

(Internet Protocol address) The address of a device attached to an IP network (TCP/IP network). Every client, server and network device is assigned an IP address, and every IP packet traversing an ... Read More »