PC not booting, fan leds blinking?

Answer I had a similar problem recently, and it was because my room is carpeted and my Desktop is in a small corner. Simply bits of carpet were blocking the fan, i got a brush, brushed the carpet fragment... Read More »

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Why am I blinking loads Rapid Blinking...?

well...many possibilities. might be time for an eye doc visit. off the top of my head this could be: allergies (COMMON in children)dryness (uncommon in children)keratitis (unlikely)systemic infla... Read More »

DIY Auto LEDs?

If you wish to install light emitting diode lights in your automobile, you must do two things: purchase the LED light assemblies that are compatible with your vehicle and remove the old light assem... Read More »

How to Install LEDs?

L.E.D light are really cool and just add flair to your bike.The best part of this article is you dont have to spend a lot of money to get a set and then pay someone to install them.You can get the ... Read More »

How to Test LEDs?

Leds are becoming one of the most important new technologies. Within a few years normal incandecent bulbs will be replaced by Leds as they are much more efficient than standard bulbs. Automotive ma... Read More »