PC gaming screen 2011 bad for your eyes 24''?

Answer It is not bad while u have LED 24 ´ screen, Look i have Sharp 24 'LCD monitr and Benq LED 24' ,i spent all summer playing like 6,7 hours per day and my eyes were perfect but when i play 2,3 hour... Read More »

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How to Rest Your Eyes When Gaming?

Gaming is fun. Being blind is not fun. Although you won't definitely go blind, gaming for hours and hours on end can have detrimental effects on your eyes. Follow these steps.

Which is better for your eyes; a big LCD screen (17 inch) or small LCD screen (5 inch) ?

To add to answers already posted, the most impoirtan thing about LCD screens is to not sit too close to them. You would be furhter away from a 17" screen than you would have to be from a 5" (or d... Read More »

Gaming PC Build 2011?

If you want to save a lot of cash. go with AMD. you can save like 200 bucks that way and get a higher end video card. is the best place for barebones kits..check them out

Why does the computer screen hurt your eyes and not the tv?

because you are not sitting 2 feet away from the tv