PC VIRUS!!!!! Help me pleaseeeeeeeee?

Answer It's the Win32/Reveton Police Central e-crime Unit ransomware infection. Everything it says is a lie. It's after your money, and credit/debit card details.This video shows how to remove it:http://w... Read More »

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Keyboard/ help/ pleaseeeeeeeee?

Computer virus,, moblie virus help help ?

For pc virus use your current anti virus software , if you renew that means , you have pay money for new subscription . or use some free antivirus like avg . bit defender , or norton free vers... Read More »

How to remove iiiiii.exe virus please someone help me in removing this virus.?

If you pay for virus protection from Norton and you still get a virus, why do they want $80 to help remove it?

This is typical of Norton, Build a product that does not work well and then charge for support. Stick to the free products, at least then you will not be ripped off.